Stay or go? Most people who have grown up in the countryside

have at some point been tormented by this question.



We are looking for Ethiopian protagonists for Teff Club. Characters who are champions of rural life and who are opposing the global movement from the countryside to the city. Characters who have concrete project plans that they want to realize or are already undertaking in their community. These are projects that are visionary, ecological, climate-conscious and innovative.

We are open to receiving character pitches and introductions up  to October 31, 2019. Characters in Ethiopia can be  send  to


This web series is about fostering an exchange of experiences and concrete solutions to dealing with one of the most urgent problems of our time: rural exodus. Using the contrasting examples of Ethiopia and Germany TEFF CLUB documents individual experiences and encounters between characters from both countries. The series will feature the stories of six young people - three each from Ethiopia and Germany – who are all rural trailblazers in their own right and who will come together through the TEFF CLUB. The project is about showing both the day to day lives of the characters and also concrete measures they are employing to make rural life more sustainable and attractive. TEFF CLUB is planned as a semi-documentary web series, with borrowings from the genre of 'culture-clash' comedies.