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Gobez is a creative strategy and production company. We produce innovative digital, music, and film content and excel at business and strategic planning.

— Tamara Dawit

Tamara exists between two communities: arts and social justice, which she merges together through her projects. Tamara has extensive experience working within the art and entertainment industries as well as managing human rights, and youth engagement programs. 

For ten years Tamara led the 411 Initiative For Change a non-profit arts organization, through which she produced touring theatre presentations, television documentaries and video shorts for educational use. Tamara's documentaries have been broadcast on TV in Canada, Europe and South America and screened in Toronto and Mexico City. Her multi art theatre productions have been presented to over 500,000 young people across Canada.

Additionally Tamara has also worked as a consultant in the non-profit sector focused on website/digital development, campaign management, strategic planning and corporate communications.

Tamara's projects have been funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, Department of Justice, Canadian International Development Agency, Canada Council for the Arts, Mac Aids Foundation, Ontario Arts Council and other private and corporate funders.

Tamara has contributed to steering committee for The National Youth Anti-Racism Network, The UN Association in Canada and the Canadian Commission For UNESCO and The International Aids Conference. She has been interviewed by CBC Newsworld, CBC Radio, MuchMusic, MTV News, CTV, MacLeans, Canwest, Reuters among other outlets. 

Tamara is of Ethiopian, Eritrean, Ukrainian and British ancestry. She has lived, traveled and worked extensively in South Sudan and Ethiopia.




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The Amharic concept gobez.... Smart, brilliant, clever, strong, brave. Every Ethiopian desires more than anything else to be considered gobez. In Ethiopia, someone who was gobez might beat an opponent in battle, endure a long fast, show great skill and determination at a difficult job.


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