Past Films

Past Films


Girls of Latitude

Girls of Latitude follows MTV hosts Nicole Holness, Diane Salema, and Aliya-Jasmine Sovani as they each travel separately to a developing country—Haiti, Colombia, and Sudan—to showcase and discuss gender discrimination in those particular countries and meet with three young women who are working to make a positive change in their countries and communities.


Forgotten Children 

A documentary directed by Craig Goodwill which explores the situation of restavecs (child slaves) in Haiti through the eyes of different personalities including pop singer George Nozuka, a Canadian UN peacekeeper, and Haitian youth. 

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Grandma Knows Best?

In 2014 director Tamara Dawit set out to make a short film about her two grandmothers (one in Canada and on in Ethiopia). They had been friends for over 35 years despite only have met in person a few times when she was a child. With the support of Bravofactual (Bell Media) and Ethiopian Airlines Tamara set out to reunite her grandmothers and spend some quality time catching up with them. Instead her grandmothers used the opportunity to conspire to convince Tamara to get married and have kids. Tears, begging, black magic and praying to god followed. Grandma Knows Best? is the resulting documentary short which explores the differences in the lives and societal expectations of women from her grandmothers generation to her own and how society views single women, working women, divorce and motherhood.